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Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Amtico Flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles are an affordable alternative to real stone or wood flooring. There are lots of reasons to choice an lvt floor over other type's of flooring.


First being they are easy to maintain as a regular sweep and then mopping up will keep them clean. There are products to keep the appearance looking new and many manufactures have their own products for this.


They are extremely tolerant of moisture and challenging environments so can be used in all areas of your home unlike some other floor coverings.


LVT'S enable you to make a truly bespoke floor as you have endless possibilities within designs. You can mix colours, sizes, shapes together as long as they are the same thickness. 


With some woods now being restricted and endangered it would be impossible to get the real thing in wood but with an lvt you can get the look in an imitation. With most people unable to tell the difference once it has been laid, no one will know apart from you.


Many now come with a lifetime wear guarantee so you'll be in the comfort of knowing what you put down today wont need to be changed for a long time and normally only as you want to go for a new look.